House Cleaning
We look to maintaining a long term relationship with our clients. We feel that we can provide you with the dependability and honesty you are looking for. Referrals can be provided upon request.

We do not provide supplies or equipment. Most clients prefer to use their own rather than equipment that has been used in other houses. We will bring rags and gloves for our use.

We appreciate a good working vacuum if you do not have a Central Vac system. That is a very important part of cleaning. Upright carpet vacuums are not meant to be used on tile floors, in spite of the “bare floor” feature. We highly recommend a small canister vacuum specifically for tile and other hard floors. A separate vacuum for carpet is best.  It is possible to have 2 efficient vacuums for the same cost as some of the newly designed uprights. They claim to do everything but we feel too many bells and whistles can often complicate the simplicity of the basic no fuss models. Our first recommendation is an ORECK. We would be more than happy to help you with this information and explain in depth, the difference of many various models including the difference in bag-less & regular.

Our choice of mop is a system that we feel effectively cleans ALL floor surfaces. The O’Cedar Light-N-Thirsty cloth mop with a special Rubbermaid bucket/wringer is the brand. We can order this for you and demonstrate the effectiveness. Enclosed is a supply list for your information.

If you are interested in other services, you may contact the office or email us to inquire. We prefer to do ALL scheduling by telephone but we do understand hectic schedules. If you do send an email and there is no reply, we request that you please call us. Email is not perfect and we do not want to miss you. Our other cleaning services include: RESIDENTIAL, OFFICES, CLUBHOUSES, CONSTRUCTION, WINDOWS, CARPETS, PRESSURE CLEANING, CHANDELIER CLEANING ETC. The Window cleaning & high dusting services are recommended annually for that “spring cleaning” you know you’ll need.

We also provide Management & Consulting Services, for your household. Whether it is your primary home or other properties, including rentals & vacation homes, we can assist you. We can provide you with qualified licensed and insured service contractors. We highly recommend them due to their consistent dependable services. We have been associated with the same group of contractors for more than 10 years. We can manage having them come to your home for you and over see and work or simply give you their information.